Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament (Complete 2013)

weaver_cup_2013_imageRelive the ENTIRE 2013 Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament!¬† This annual event is held throughout the summer each year and culminates with the “Final Four Night” where the final four must wrestle TWICE in one night to capture the trophy cup and a guaranteed future title bout for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling: The ENTIRE 2013 Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament!
(Taped from 7-6-2013 through 8-17-2013)
10th Annual Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament (2013)
First Round Matches:
  • Andrew Everett vs. “The Lost Cause” Nick Richards (7-6-2013)
  • Trevor Lee vs. Roy Wilkins (7-20-2013)
  • Lee Valiant vs. Aric Andrews (8-3-2013)
  • Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal vs. Chet Sterling (8-3-2013)
 Semi-Final Matches:
  • Andrew Everett vs. Trevor Lee (8-17-2013)
  • Lee Valiant vs. Chet Sterling (8-17-2013)

Winner Everett/Lee vs. Winner Valiant/Sterling (8-17-2013)