Madness in any Direction iPPV (03-30-2013)

Originally aired LIVE on iPPV! Now you can download and witness the MADNESS that exploded in the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium!

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Arik Royal (c) vs. Chiva Kid

Both champion and challenger asked for this match. They both began their careers at the CWF wrestling school. They came up together and even won the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championship together. When Arik Royal won the Mid-Atlantic Championship in December, Chiva Kid was the first one to congratulate him. When Chiva Kid won the Ultra J Championship in February, Arik Royal was the first one to congratulate him. They have risen to become the two top young stars in the Carolinas and the two most popular wrestlers in CWF Mid-Atlantic. But there is only room at the top for one man, not two. They have never wrestled each other before and they may never wrestle each other again. This is a once in a lifetime dream match that you cannot afford to miss! CWF Commissioner “Dangerous E” Corey Edsel swore that anyone who interfered in this match would never work for CWF again. We will have a winner on Saturday March 30th in this unbelievable championship match!

Ric Converse vs. Xsiris

At the appropriately named End of an Era 2013 Converse’s frustrations with X’s attitude and X’s jealousy of Converse came to a head as they brawled all over the arena. This partnership seems to have dissolved and they go one-on-one at “Madness in any Direction” to see who will lead the Aftermath once and for all.

Trevor Lee (c) vs. Caleb Konley

Perhaps the most controversial wrestler in CWF Mid-Atlantic right now, Trevor Lee returns to the ring on March 30th for the first time since suffering a broken jaw at National Pro Wrestling Day in February. However it won’t be an easy first match back as Trevor faces former Ultra J Champion Caleb Konley who has competed for organizations all over the world including Dragon Gate USA and Zero One in Japan. This will be fast paced, hard hitting action at its finest!

Amber O’Neal & Santana Garrett (WOW Tag Team Champions) vs. Su Jung & Amanda Rodriguez

Fresh off touring the country with WOW (Women of Wrestling), Amber and Santana make their Sportatorium debut against the well-traveled Su Yung and the newest ArenaChick!

Ray Kandrack vs. Matt Smith

Entering as the smallest man in the tournament, nobody expected Matt Smith to make it this far. He has one more hurdle to overcome if he wants to win it all but it’s a doozy – the perpetually pissed off former Mid-Atlantic Champion Kandrack, who outweighs Smith by nearly 100 pounds. It’s going to be a war of brute force versus lightning quickness.

The Black Watch vs. Fatback Enterprises

Solomon Spades and the Black Watch have been at war with Fatback’s Donnie Dollars for months now. Despite Fatback manager Brad Stutts taking on more announcing and production duties at CWF in recent months, he warned the Black Watch that if they crossed Dollars again, he would reunite Fatback to fight them. They did not heed Stuttsy’s warning and now the rowdiest group in CWF history reunites to back Donnie up in this final confrontation against the Watch.

Mecha Mercenary vs. Aaron Biggs

The newest graduate of the CWF wrestling school and the monstrous Mecha have been at odds for months ever since Mecha and Cecil Scott got in Aaron’s face during a live event and thought they could push the trainee around. Big Aaron was not going to let anyone walk over him and fired right back at the monster, positioning these two 400-pounders on a collision course in Aaron’s first pro match at Madness in any Direction!

Walter Eaton vs. Mark James

Two of the Mid-Atlantic’s hardest hitters collide in what is sure to be a dizzying display of brutality.

Winners receive Mid-Atlantic Tag Title Match vs. Champions Roy Wilkins & Walter Eaton on April 20th
Teams entered: The Killbillies, Louis Moore & Matt Houston, Jesse Ortega & Michael McAllister, Ben Tyler & Chet Sterling, Chris Lea & Kamakazi Kid

Coach Gemini says Ortega & McAllister have one job in this match: throw everybody over the top rope and make sure NOBODY gets the shot at Eaton & Wilkins. The Killbillies and Houston & Moore both have existing issues with the champions. With the Aftermath crumbling, Tyler & Sterling seemingly need a win here to secure their future in the group. Chris Lea & Kazi have BOTH been crossed by Tyler & Sterling in the past month and are dying for some payback. Bodies will be flying everywhere and this match more than any other on the card will truly exemplify Madness in Any Direction!

Ric Converse, Xsiris, Ben Tyler, Chet Sterling, Mecha Mercenary, Chris Lea, LeBron Kozne, The Killbillies, Louis Moore, Matt Houston, Jesse Ortega, Michael McAllister & more!


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