Battle for the Bus (05-17-2013)

CWF Mid-Atlantic heads to the Boys & Girls Club of Alamance County with Mid-Atlantic Legends Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle to help raise money for the bus fund. Event held May 17, 2013.

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  1. Donnie Dollars vs. Mecha Mercenary
  2. Aric Andrews vs. Charlie Weston
  3. Lee Valiant vs. Chet Sterling
  4. Ric Converse vs. Manny Garcia (debut)
  5. Coach Gemini’s All-Stars face Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle in the “Cobra Clutch Challenge”
  6. Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler vs. Andrew Everett & Chris Lea
  7. Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Title Match
    Arik Royal (c) vs. Roy Wilkins w/Coach Gemini & Walter Eaton



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