Absolute Justice 2013 iPPV (06-15-2013)

THE Event of the Summer!  Our annual “Absolute Justice” event!  Hosted by “The Hurricane” Shane Helms! Download to own the original iPPV broadcast.


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AJ 2013 teaser



For the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship:

The menacing Zane Dawson is unquestionably one of the best, most ferocious wrestlers in all of the Mid-Atlantic. But he has no regard for the rules and order of how things are done at CWF Mid-Atlantic. He has shown himself to be an outsider who does not fit in with our locker room, so much so that he was not allowed to prepare for his match on June 1st with the other wrestlers, he was instructed to change in his car. He is a dangerous man and he wants the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. To his credit, when he faced Arik Royal once before on May 4th, there was no winner when the referee lost control of the match and had no choice but to throw the match out. So we’ll never know who might have won that first epic encounter. But we will all know on June 15th because there will be one winner and one loser when Dawson and Royal lock horns once again this time in an anything goes street fight. Arik Royal may be the proudest Mid-Atlantic Champion in history and he represents the organization well in every capacity. He will do whatever it takes to protect his championship and his home turf. June 15th we are in for absolute warfare.

For the Ultra J Championship AND Chiva Kid’s mask:


Bad blood has been brewing since National Pro Wrestling Day when Chiva Kid broke the jaw of Trevor Lee and put him on the shelf for six weeks. Trevor returned to attack Chiva and unmask him, revealing Andrew Everett Cross, son of longtime CWF official William L. Cross. They have crossed paths several times since then but never when the championship belt was on the line. Everett says the Chiva mask is not about concealing his identity any more, it’s a matter of principle – he wants back what is his. This will be a dazzling display of athletic excellence for sure but only one man will walk out with both the championship AND the Chiva mask. Only one will get his absolute justice.


For the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championship:

WALTER EATON & ROY WILKINS – The All-Stars Goon Squad with Coach Gemini
(Risking the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championship)

(Risking their claim to the name The Aftermath)

(Risking no more tag-team title shots for one year)

(Risking never teaming again under any name)

The four corner tag-team “Everything to Lose” Match is a tradition at Absolute Justice and this year’s bout might be the most intriguing one ever! For our new fans or anyone who has never seen this unique match before, all four teams must put something on the line to enter this one fall championship match. ONLY the team that loses the fall must adhere to their stipulation. As is tradition, Coach Gemini’s Goon Squad has put up the tag-team championship to enter the match. To get one more shot at the Goons, Matt Houston & Louis Moore have agreed that if they are the team that loses the fall, they can never get another title shot for one year. Chet Sterling & Ben Tyler of the Aftermath have agreed to risk their claim to the name of the Aftermath for a chance at the tag-team championships and to rebound from the Aftermath’s disastrous two title loses at “Explosive Elements.” And in perhaps the most intriguing twist of all, Ric Converse & Xsiris have agreed to reform the Dynasty and enter this match. However the reunion could be short lived as if either Converse or Xsiris gets pinned, they can never team together again under any name or any circumstance. What this means is the Aftermath has the chance to split up Converse & Xsiris forever… but Converse & Xsiris also have the chance to win back their claim to the Aftermath. Everybody has a chance to leave with the tag-team titles… or perennial challengers Houston & Moore could get shut out of tag-team title opportunities for a whole year. It’s an intense, action-packed match that is one fall to a finish and one team’s lives will change at Absolute Justice!

For the Mid-Atlantic Television Championship:

What do you do when you’ve won every major championship but one? You go after that one. That’s what Kamakazi Kid attempts to do on June 15th when he gets a shot at the one CWF championship he’s never held, the Television Title. But to win it, Kazi would have to derail the “Summer of Matty” and put down a determined Matty de Nero who has prophecized that it’s his time to shine. De Nero was popular with fans but never captured a championship until event # 351, despite debuting over 8 years ago at event # 79. These two have never faced off one-on-one dspite 8+ years being two of the most popular star in CWF Mid-Atlantic. That changes on June 15th when Matty makes his first defense of the Television Championship in this first time ever showdown.

Grudge Tag-Team Match:

After the traumatic events of March 30th when Richards violently destroyed the entire Fatback team, he and Dollars have been on a collision course. They met for the first time at CWF’s 350th live event and Dollars had things well in control until Jason Miller made a shocking return and assisted Richards in winning. Miller feels betrayed by the CWF fans who weren’t there for him when he broke his neck and missed 5 months of action. Richards says the Fatback team was smothering him and that he put them out of their collective misery. This dangerous new combination has already wrecked havoc by injuring Mark James and knocking him out of competition with Miller’s dangerous DDT. But Dollars is not intimidated at all. Betrayed by his friends, Donnie feels he cannot rely on anyone but himself but promises to fight Richards and Miller with everything he has, whether he has a partner or without one.

Sponsored by ArenaChicks.com:


CWF Mid-Atlantic and the ArenaChicks are thrilled to welcome Serena Deeb and the original ArenaChick Amber O’Neal to our next Internet pay-per-view event! Once part of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society, Serena travelled the globe from WWE to Japan and beyond until a severe injury almost ended her career. But now she is back on the comeback trail and we cannot wait to have her lock up with a true CWF original, Amber O’Neal in this very special bout.

Plus see:

  • The Black Watch (Solomon Spades, Chase Dakota & Joe Black) w/Jester vs. Lee Valiant & The Killbillies (Evan Banks & Aric Andrews) w/Barefoot Bobby Joe Neil
  • Mecha Mercenary & Cecil Scott vs. RGL Champion Chris “ShoSmoove” Lee & Aaron Biggs
  • Bonus Intermission Match: Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride vs. Manny Garcia