Opportunity Knocks (07-06-2013)

July601Opportunity Knocks 2013
Saturday, July 6, 2013
Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium; Gibsonville, NC


  1. Josh Bishop vs. Charlie Weston
    CWF matchmakers paired these two up as tag-team partners in a bonus mathc before we went live on I-PPV at Absolute Justice. Weston did not want to cooperate with Bishop and as a result they lost the match. As a result of what happened, CWF officials were quick to sign a match between the two newcomers who are both looking for their first CWF victory. One will have it after they lock up on July 6th!
  2. Chet Sterling vs. Lance Lude
    When you talk about momentum, nobody in the Mid-Atlantic may have more of it than Chet Sterling. Formerly the Aftermath’s “apprentice” Chet has broken out since the 350th event in May with a series of upsets. But Lude has travelled the globe since his years as Rising Generation League Champ and returns to CWF as an experienced pro against the Aftermath’s rising star.
  3. The Mid Atlantic Outlaws (Louis Moore & Matt Houston) & the Killbillies (“Honky Kong” Evan Banks & “South Paw” Aric Andrews with “Barefoot” Bobby O’Neil in their corner) vs. Smith Garrett & The Black Watch (Solomon Spades, Chase Dakota & Jester Jokes)
  4. Cedric Alexander vs. Brandon Day
    CWF is thrilled to have these two world class athletes going toe to toe for us LIVE at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium! Day is a 12 year pro trained by former ECW World Champion Taz at the Team Taz Dojo and has been one of Virginia’s top stars for years. Now he looks to conquer CWF MId-Atlantic. Day locks up with the extremely popular Cedric Alexander just seven days after Alexander had the match of his life in Concord, NC against Jay Lethal. This one could easily be the show stealer!
  5. Mid-Atlantic Television Title Match
    Matthew de Nero (c) vs. Mecha Mercenary w/Cecil Scott
    Can a 440 pound behemoth halt the momentum of the popular Television Champion?! We’ll find out this Saturday when de Nero defends against a challenger who outweighs him by over 240 pounds. But if the champ can pull off the win, they’ll be no denying that we are indeed living in the Summer of Matty.
  6. Rising Generation League Champion “Sho Smoove” Chris Lea & Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal vs. The All-Stars (“El Fuego” Jesse Ortega & “The Fury” Michael McAllister with Coach Gemini in their corner)
  7. 2013 Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament – Round 1 Match
    PWI Ultra-J Crown Champion Andrew Everett vs. “The Lost Cause” Nick Richards
    Two very different young wrestlers cross paths in the first Weaver Cup Tournament match up of 2013. Andrew Everett joyously thrills crowds all over the country and is constantly smiling. Richards is a combustible loose cannon who is not above running away from a fight or not showing up at all. Cross would consider it an honor to have his name enshrined on the Weaver Cup and join the lineage of so many stars of the past he respects. Richards respects no one and only wants to win the tournament so that he robs 7 other wrestlers from having it and robs the fans of a joyous moment on Finals Night in August. This will definitely be a spirited match up that kicks off the tournament!
  8. Donnie Dollars vs. Jason Miller
    Miller returned from a serious neck injury on May 18th at CWF 350 and aligned himself with Nick Richards, helping Richards survive a beating from Donnie Dollars. They paired off in tag-team action at Absolute Justice with Richards & Miller scoring the win again. Donnie’s frustration and pure rage has continued to mount ever since Fatback was destroyed on March 30th. He’ll finally have a chance for revenge on Miller one-on-one July 6th.
  9. Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title Match
    The Dynasty (Xsiris & “the 1st” Ric Converse) (c) vs. the Aftermath (Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler with Chet Sterling in their corner)
    Almost ten years after the Dynasty was first formed in August 2003, Converse & Xsiris reunited at Absolute Justice and captured the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championship! Of course, Converse & Xsiris might not have ever split earlier this year in the first place if not for Trevor Lee, Ben Tyler and Chet Sterling who split up and ultimately took over the Aftermath. Now the Aftermath has a chance to once again rain on Dynasty’s parade but Converse & Xsiris have a chance to put down their disrespectful former teammates once and for all. Both teams aim to settle it all in an enormous tag-team match-up at “Opportunity Knocks 2013″ with the belts on the line!