About Us

CWF247 OnDemand is where you can watch everything CWF… when you want to watch it!

We will have free videos, individual matches, complete events, plus LIVE streaming events!  Our downloads are MP4 files and are compatible with PC & Apple products.  You can download and watch on your computer, your iPad, or even your phone!

You’d be surprised how much your purchases help us improve our product!

Q: Wow! You guys are a lot cheaper with downloads than everyone else.  Is your quality less?

A: We can charge less than everyone else because we don’t have to split our revenue with any other provider.  We are our own provider!  We film, edit, upload, and distribute our own downloads.  We wanted to make CWF Mid-Atlantic available to everyone and make sure that our price points would encourage you to give us a try.  Take a chance, I think you’ll find our product and production is as good as any other product out there that you would pay double or triple for.

Thank you for supporting CWF Mid-Atlantic!

For more infomation visit our official website: www.cwf247.com